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Elderly Friendly Alarm Handling and Monitoring

Principal researcher

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Website: www.dreaming-project.org

Project details

Start date: 05/2008
End date: 04/2011

Description: This industry-driven pilot intends to validate new, economically sustainable home assistance and eInclusion services able to extend the independent living of elderly citizens in their homes and break their loneliness. The system includes health and safety monitoring and assistance at home, through privacy respecting and user-friendly technology (sensors, TV based videoconferencing). Alarm and alerts are handled through a Decision Support System, which selects the most suitable action and possibly dispatch the appropriate resources (fire brigade, ambulance, GP on duty, nurse, social worker, etc.). Validation covers the impact on the quality of life of elders, their formal and informal caregivers and their relatives, on economic and clinical indicators, on financial sustainability. This will help refining the business case in view of large-scale deployment.

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Last updated: 19/05/2010