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General User Interface for Disorders of Execution

Principal researcher


Contact details: Dept of Psychology - University of Stirling

Website: Website

Project details

Start date: 02/2008
End date: 09/2008

Description: GUIDE is a memory aid device which allows a user to be �talked through� the component steps of a given task by a human voice. The user interfaces with the deployment of directions by way of simple voice commands such as 'yes', 'no', 'back', 'what', 'done' etc. This natural interaction emulates what takes place if someone is being talked through the steps of a task by a teacher, family member, or other support person. It thus provides a scaffold for a complex task similar to that offered by a real carer. GUIDE is a combination of bespoke software and protocols developed by the researchers, used in conjunction with off the shelf technologies such as speech recognition software, a standard laptop, and headset. The software and protocols are tailored to a particular task or a particular user of the system and implemented under the supervision of the research team.

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