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A Home Based Approach to the Years of Ageing

Principal researcher

Name: Mr Kush Wadhwa

Contact details: Global Security Intelligence Limited

Website: Website

Project details

Start date: 04/2009
End date: 03/2011

Description: The aim of this project is to develop a user friendly device which can support older people in performing some of their daily activities. The system will have three main functional modules, which will be developed in consultation with older people. The lifestyle monitor will be capable of recording the main activities taking place in the home and comparing them with the known habits of the person being monitored. The aim is to remind the user of activities that need to be performed (such as taking medicines) and also to identify unusual behaviours or lack of activity for an extended period. The navigation assistant is designed to support mobility inside the home, particularly for people with visual impairment or difficulty in orientation. The personal assistant will help with common actions (such as dialing a phone number) and support searching for personal items lost at home (such as keys).

Other organisations involved in this project

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Last updated: 19/05/2010