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Health Monitoring and Social Integration Environment for Supporting Wide Extension for Independent Life at Home

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Project details

Start date: 02/2010
End date: 02/2013

Description: The project will trial a new, economically sustainable home assistance service which extends elders independent living. It intends to achieve this by providing a comprehensive set of services which support elders in their daily activities and allows carers to remotely assess their ability to stay independent. It comprises the following services: Monitoring and Alarm Handling, eInclusion, Domotic, Daily Scheduler, Navigation and Mental Faculty Maintaining. The Monitoring and Alarm Handling is based on a DSS which analysis in real time data collected from medical and environmental sensors, fall detectors and geopositioning systems. Standard behavioural patterns are established for individuals and sudden, major changes trigger alarms. eInclusion is achieved through intuitive videoconferencing based on the familiar TV paradigm and adapted to use by people unfamiliar with IT technology. Domotics and Daily Scheduler help elders to organise their daily activities and to manage the house in spite of growing physical and mental impairments. The navigation system takes people who got lost to the closest safe place. Cognitive training is implemented through interactive games based on cognitive adaptive technology.

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Last updated: 19/05/2010