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An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment for the Provision of Health, Nutrition and Mobility Services to the Elderly

Principal researcher

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Website: www.mobiserv.eu

Project details

Start date: 12/2009
End date: 11/2012

Description: The objective of the project is to develop a proactive personal service robotics for supporting independent living. The project will develop a personalized system, orchestrating vital signs recording and analysis, warnings, and alerts to health and emergency assistance networks. It will deliver a robotic prototype of an open standard-based personal platform capable of sensing the user’s personal environment and adapting to the user’s patterns of behaviour. By early detection of threatening environmental and/or emerging medical conditions, harmful consequences will be mitigated by issuing warnings and providing guidance; in case adverse events cannot be evaded, alarms will be issued. The platform will integrate innovative components delivered by the project and existing standards-compliant technologies. Innovative wireless (bio-) sensor-actuators, localisation and communication technologies, smart textiles and clothing and a wearable solution hosting monitoring equipment will be integrated into an existing robotic platform capable of self-learning and able to support elderly in indoor contexts. Tele-alarm applications will be developed to enhance health and integrated care services.

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Last updated: 17/05/2012