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A Networked Multi-sensor System for Elderly People: Health Care, Safety and Security in Home Environment

Principal researcher

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Website: www.netcarity.org

Project details

Start date: 02/2007
End date: 01/2011

Description: The project proposes a new integrated paradigm for supporting independence and engagement in elderly people living alone at their own home place. It fosters the development of a 'light' technological infrastructure to be integrated in homes of old people at reduced costs, that both allows the assurance of basic support of everyday activities and health critical situations detection, as well as the social and psychological engagement required to maintain in the elder the emotional well-being enhancing dignity and quality of life. The project will seek to advance ambient intelligence technologies in the integration of micro and nano systems in a networked wireless/wired multi-sensing environment with plug and play capabilities and intelligent decision making for an effective detection of critical situations and support of task completion. Efforts will be concentrated in developing low-cost solutions and could rapidly reach the market and facilitate easy adaptation in a wide number of existing homes.

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Last updated: 19/05/2010