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Remote Health and Social Care for Independent Living of Isolated Elderly with Chronic Conditions

Principal researcher

Name: ?

Contact details: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

Website: www.remote-project.eu

Project details

Start date: 06/2009
End date: 05/2012

Description: REMOTE is a pan-European research project concerned with the needs of elderly and physically impaired people. The focus is especially on those living in geographical or social isolation whose independent life is at risk with chronic conditions or lifestyle risk factors. The project will provide support for an independent life at home with the aid of AmI (Ambient intelligence) and tele-healthcare. The elderly’s personal environment will be enhanced with various kinds of monitoring and automation abilities for tracing activity and health condition, as well as detecting risks or critical situations. For this purpose the project will use the scale-up of existing research prototypes and new systems for collecting human- and context-related data (including sensors attached to a person’s body, or sensors and actuators installed in houses or cars). As a growing number of elderly in urban as well as in rural areas live on their own, monitoring activity and medical data at anytime and from anywhere can close the growing gap between urban and rural areas and thus ensure safety and a better quality of care.

REMOTE aims at delivering an open architecture platform to enable professional carers in observing at anytime and from anywhere the elderly and in identifying at run-time risks in activity and medical signals emitted from the individual’s REMOTE wearable and mobile equipment. The Project focuses on agents for interfacing appropriately the REMOTE platform to all primary users (carers and the elderly), following a holistic, yet person-centric, approach:
(a) Innovative elderly-friendly concepts and designs for i-TV, mobile phone and PDA platforms.
(b) Empowering interfaces for enabling groups of professional experts in collaborative, yet personalised, healthcare, able to adapt to the various patterns of work and other contextual parameters of each individual professional carer.

Other organisations involved in this project

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
TSB Soluciones SA, Spain
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Fundacion para las Investigacion Medica Aplicada, Spain
Saliwell Ltd, Israel
Netscouts Gemeinnutzige GmbH, Germany
Abama Technologies SL, Spain
University Hospital of North Norway - Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine
Bluepoint IT Solutions, Romania
Medea Srl, Italy
Fraunhofer Institut fur Biomedizinische Technik, Germany
Ortholine Ltd, Israel

Last updated: 16.11.2010