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Accommodative Intelligent Educational Environments for Dyslexic Learners

Principal researcher

Name: Mercedes Arjona

Contact details: Albarracin 25, Madrid, Spain. Tel +39 91214 8000

Website: www.agent-dysl.eu

Project details

Start date: 9/2006
End date: 8/2009

Description: Dyslexia is a common learning disorder, where the main areas of difficulty are in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, personal organisation and time-keeping. This research project is developing an intelligent assistive reading system to help dyslexic children to improve their reading, by providing them with personalised help and reading material. The personalisation is based on individual profiles that are created by observing each child reading a text. Using image analysis, the system can assess emotional and physical stae and adapt the document presentation accordingly. This would be incorporated into school settings as an 'accommodative learning environment' taking into account the learning process context.

Other organisations involved in this project

Last updated: 22/04/2010