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Digikrant: Accessible Flemish Daily Newspapers

Principal researcher

Name: Jan Engelen

Contact details: Afdeling ESAT - SCD: SISTA/COSIC/DOCARCH, Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 - bus 2442, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium
Tel: +32 16 321123; Fax: +32 16 321986
Email: Jan.Engelen@esat.kuleuven.be

Website: www.braillekrant.be/; www.docarch.be/

Project details

Start date: 01/10/1995
End date: 30/09/2010

Description: The Digikrant project aims to offer visually impaired people in Flanders the possibility to read a newspaper on an autonomous and daily basis. To reach this, the VZW De Braillekrant has been established. TheĀ 'blind friendly' newspaper is published in 2 formats: braille and electronic. Each evening, a selection of the most interesting articles is made for the newspaper in braille version out of the next day's newspaper. These articles are transferred to a format that is readable for a braille printer. Overnight, this braille version is published and sent to all subscribers. The electronic version of the newspaper, theĀ 'Digikrant', contains all articles, but in well defined electronic format (Daisy/XML). A braille display or speech synthesizer attached to the user's computer makes the electronic newspaper accessible.

Other organisations involved in this project

Last updated: 11/03/2010