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Permanently-Embossed Band Tactile Displays

Principal researcher

Name: David Dewhurst

Contact details: info@stve.org

Website: www.stve.org

Project details

Start date:
End date: Ongoing

Description: Many blind and deafblind people use the braille and Moon tactile codes for reading, and computer-controlled braille displays allow varying braille "dots" to be displayed, conveying text that would otherwise be displayed on a computer monitor for sighted people to read. Most existing braille displays require a controlled "actuator" (movement-causing device) for each braille dot. PEB (Permanently-Embossed Band) Tactile Displays would present varying tactile representations of text, and of simple pixel-based tactile graphics, using a reduced number of components. Several independently-moveable bands (or discs, or rods) would each be permanently embossed with several braille dots or other tactile characters or pixels. The bands would move relative to each other in order to either present the required tactile characters, or to form simple pixel-based tactile graphics.

Other organisations involved in this project

Last updated: 13/03/2010