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An Evolvable Computer Interface for Elderly Users

Principal researcher

Name: Audrey Hunter

Contact details: University of Ulster, Faculty of Computing and Engineering, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Jordanstown Campus, Shore Road, Newtonabbey BT37 0QB, UK.
Tel: +44 28 9036 6305; Fax: +44 28 9036 8229
Email: informatics@ulster.ac.uk


Project details

Start date: 01/10/2006
End date: 30/09/2009

Description: The aim of the project is to develop an intelligent help facility that assists older users with browsing activities. The facility will be capable of responding to each person's specific needs and actions.

The system will recognise individual user interaction patterns and be able to identify when a user needs help. The system will then offer the appropriate level of help and retain details of successful interventions for retrieval in the future.

Other organisations involved in this project

Funding for this project included a contribution from DELNI - Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland.

Last updated: 13/03/2010