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Intelligent Keyboard

Principal researcher

Name: Dr. Karim Ouazzane

Contact details: London Metropolitan University, Department of Computing, North Campus, 2-16 Eden Grove, London N7 8EA, UK.
Tel: +44 20 7133 7038
Email: k.ouazzane@londonmet.ac.uk

Website: www.londonmet.ac.uk/depts/cctm/

Project details

Start date: 08/08/2005
End date: 14/06/2009

Description: Like most organisations whose function is to help the disabled, EDPA (Essex Disabled Peoples Association) makes considerable use of disabled volunteers. EDPA found that many of these volunteers were having great difficulty in using a database which had been developed to support the helpline, to the extent that they would fall back on using card index records. The system was redesigned and rebuilt in-house, using advice from these volunteers. One aspect that caused considerable problems was the use of drop-down menus ("combo boxes"), and a simple system to support typing and detect common errors automatically was implmented instead. From this simple system grew the idea of a more sophisticated system that would detect errors common to a specific type of disability and correct accordingly. The current project is exploring this idea. The objective is to develop "Intelligent Keyboard" software which, by detecting a users disability and correcting accordingly, will help disabled users to use standard software.

Other organisations involved in this project

Essex Disabled Peoples Association

Last updated: 13/03/2010