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Inclusive Design for Competitive Adavantage

Principal researcher

Name: Rob Morland

Contact details: rob.morland@cfbi.co.uk

Website: http://www.cfbi.co.uk/index_files/inclusivedesign.htm

Project details

Start date:
End date:

Description: Companies such as Ford, BT and BSkyB have successfully applied the principles of Inclusive Design to their products.  Many leading companies now have excellent provision for people with single major impairments, including wheelchair users, and people who are blind or deaf.  Through this new consortium we are helping companies take the next step in practically applying Inclusive Design to a much wider set of consumers.  A key target for the programme is learning how to better serve the large population of consumers who suffer from 'multiple minor impairments'.  Many elderly people fall into this category.  There are already 130 million people over fifty years old in the European Union - by 2020 one in two European adults will be over this age.  Designing products that these people love to use is no longer just socially responsible, it also makes sound economic sense.

Cambridge University Engineering Design Centre (EDC) is a leading exponent of Inclusive Design in Europe.  The CfBI has recognised the scale of opportunity afforded by applying new techniques in Inclusive Design to significantly improve the competitive position of many products and services that interface to the consumer.  Through its close links with Cambridge University, the CfBI has brought together leading researchers and practitioners from the EDC and elsewhere to deliver a one-year consortium programme where companies can learn together, share experiences and receive practical support in exploiting this major new business opportunity.

The ID-1 Consortium launched successfully in May 2010 with eight leading organisations as members.  These include the BBC, Bayer Healthcare, Roche, Nestlé, Royal Bank of Scotland, the University of Cambridge, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances and Marks & Spencer.  We are now recruiting for our second Inclusive Design Consortium (ID-2) which will launch in December 2010

Other organisations involved in this project

Last updated: 07/07/2010