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Adaptive Asynchronous Brain-Actuated Control

Principal researcher

Name: Dr J Gan

Contact details: School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering - University of Essex


Project details

Start date: 04/2006
End date: 09/2009

Description: The project aim to develop a novel adaptive and asynchronous brain-computer interface (BCI) system for brain-actuated control of intelligent systems and robots. Previous research in this area has produced BCI systems which, while highly accurate, only recognise two mental states. Their disadvantages include low information transfer rates and unnatural user interfaces, which impose severe limitations on BCI systems for real-world applications. This project will use adaptive learning to increase the number of control commands mapped from a limited number of mental states. The methods will be assessed using real-time brain-actuated control of an intelligent wheelchair and a robotic arm.

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Last updated: 20/05/2010