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Analogue Evolutionary Brain Computer Interfaces

Principal researcher

Name: Prof Riccardo Poli

Contact details: School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering - University of Essex


Project details

Start date: 06/2008
End date: 05/2011

Description: This project aims to carry out an innovative and ambitious interdisciplinary research programme at the edge of Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience and Psychology aimed at developing new interface devices with a novel BCI approach recently developed by the researchers. BCI has been a dream of researchers for many years, but developments have been slow and, with rare exceptions, BCI is still effectively a curiosity that can be used only in the lab. Most current implementations are based on the concept of observing EEG signals looking for specific features or waves, manipulating them and then making a yes/no decision about whether such features or waves were present. This research will use a different approach which omits the decision step and allows brain waves to directly control the computer via simple analogue transformations. In very recent work, the researchers have been able to develop a prototype BCI mouse capable of full 2D motion control, which can be used by anyone without prior training.

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Last updated: 20/05/2010