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Brain Computer Interface for Cursor Control

Principal researcher

Name: Mel Slater

Contact details: Dept of Computer Science - University College, London


Project details

Start date: 01/2003
End date: 01/2010

Description: This project explores completely new paradigms for operating with computers, to give people an experience which is unlike anything possible in real life--thus exploiting the power of virtual reality to deliver entirely new experiences. EEG electrodes are mounted on the users head in order to measure brain activity. Then the electrodes are connected to the BCI which consists of an amplification unit and a Pocket PC. During a short training session, the Pocket PC aquires brain activity data to learn the specific brain patterns of the user. As a result, the user is able to move a cursor on the screen or control an object by thinking of the movement which they wish to make.

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Last updated: 20/05/2010