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Mind Controlled Orthosis and Virtual Reality Training Environment for Walk Empowering

Principal researcher

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Website: https://mindwalker-project.eu/

Project details

Start date: 01/2010
End date: 12/2012

Description: The project will conceive a system empowering lower limbs disabled people with walking abilities that let them perform their usual daily activities in the most autonomous and natural manner. New smart dry EEG (electroencephalogram) bio-sensors will be applied to enable lightweight wearable EEG caps for everyday use. Novel approaches to non-invasive BCI (brain-computer interaction) will be experimented in order to control a purpose-designed lower limbs orthosis enabling different types of gaits. Complementary research on EMG processing will strengthen the approach. A Virtual Reality (VR) training environment will assist the patients in generating the correct brain control signals and in properly using the orthosis.

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Last updated: 17/05/2010