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Smart and Aware Pervasive Healthcare Environments

Principal researcher

Name: Prof Guang-Zhong Yang

Contact details: Institute of Biomedical Engineering - Imperial College London


Project details

Start date: 03/2006
End date: 02/2009

Description: SAPHE brings together an interdisciplinary range of skills from industry and academia to address the need for a new generation of pervasive healthcare and lifestyle monitoring systems. These will allow early detection of deteriorating 'wellness' by identifying behavioural, physiological and metabolic changes over time. By combining technological breakthroughs in wireless networks and intelligent ambient and wearable sensing, SAPHE aims to develop novel sensing and inferencing systems which will permit early detection of disease changes or of increased frailty and offer support for compliance with care plans.The aim of SAPHE is to develop a new generation of telecare networks with miniaturised wireless sensors worn either on the body or embedded in the environment used to provide intelligent, unobtrusive and continuous healthcare monitoring. A broad range of sensors is involved, some of which will be worn, monitoring physiological activity and movement. Other sensors will monitor activity around the house, based on the use of appliances, or will be attached to instrumenting devices such as weighing scales or pill boxes. The project addresses innovative technical development, system integration, NHS PCT trials, and concrete business and telecare deployment strategies.

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Last updated: 20/05/2010