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The Social Impacts of ICT and Their Limited Reach to Potentially Excluded Communities. Measuring the Problem and Undertaking Initiatives for its Effective Mitigation

Principal researcher

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Website: www.ictforall.net

Project details

Start date: 10/2006
End date: 10/2008

Description: ICT embedded in a rapidly expanding set of devices, of all scales and potential uses and facilitated by state of the art communication protocols (broadband, 3G, etc) is reshaping contemporary life and unleashing an amazing, even to comprehend, potential. However, this has not really resulted to the same level of change in the everyday life of the EU citizens. The target communities of this support action, namely immigrants (including internal migration), disabled, unemployed, and ageing, have yet to be fully reached by the welcome effects of these, very often barrier removing, technologies. 

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Last updated: 17/05/2010