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Digital TV Development Project

Principal researcher

Name: Steve Tyler

Contact details:


Project details

Start date: 2008
End date:

Description: The Digital TV Development project aims to bring on-screen text, such as TV programme guides, digital displays and menus, to life with the power of speech thanks to the new "talking" chipset. It is hoped it will be adapted across the consumer technology market, offering real benefits to millions of people with sight problems around the world.

With the digital switchover upon us, this new chipset technology can be utilised to deliver accessibility benefits to both those with sight problems and sighted people. It is compatible with consumer products, such as televisions, that have screen-based menu systems and converts on-screen text into speech output. Consumers will be able to easily control the way the audio information is spoken to them, with the ability to change the level of speech and language offering global appeal.

Other organisations involved in this project

Ocean Blue Software

ST Microelectronics

TW Electronics

With support from Digital Technology Advisory LTD.

Last updated: 20/03/2010