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Principal researcher

Name: Juliette Renaud

Contact details: ERT, c/o INRETS, 25 avenue Fran├žois Mitterrand, 69675 BRON cedex
Tel: +33-472 14 25 85
Email:: juliette.renaud@ert-sas.fr

Website: www.access-to-all.eu

Project details

Start date:
End date:

Description: The main aim of proposing the ACCESS 2 ALL coordination action is to encourage Public Transport operators belonging to the project target group to adopt innovative technological concepts and mobility schemes that enable high quality mobility and transportation services for all, as well as to provide their personnel with the necessary knowledge on the particularities of specific user groups, such as the elderly and disabled, ICT-illiterate, dyslexic and illiterate people, etc. ACCESS 2 ALL aims at defining concrete mobility schemes, guidelines and policy recommendations, ensuring accessibility of Public Transport to ALL users, through the coordination of current research efforts, the production of common research roadmaps, the identification of best practice models and the appropriate use of ICT aids and networks. The achievement of all above stated objectives will be measured and verified through well specified milestones and specific success assessment criteria.

Other organisations involved in this project


Last updated: 22/04/2010